Asian horror films have a reputation for being truly unconventional with disturbing story lines, and Korea has a fair share of it. Here’s a list of best Korean Horror movies curated for you which can guarantee you goose bumps and some sleepless nights!

Best Korean Horror Movies Of All Time (List)

1. 301/302 (1995) | “301, 302”

Two neighbors, Song-Hee, and Yun-hee, both with a troubled past. Song-hee is a chef and Yun-hee is an anorexic writer. Looking at her condition, Song-hee starts making food for her. An initial helping gesture turns out to be tormenting for Yun-hee, and it takes a weird turn when Song-hee starts forcing the food into her mouth. Two lives, showing how a person can change by living in isolation. And a worthy watch too, thanks to its submission for Academy awards.

2. Whispering Corridors (1998) | Yeogo goedam

Whispering Corridors is series of movies depicting the existence of Ghosts in our lives. The first movie is about a teenager who dies in her school. She comes backs as a ghost and asks her friend to help her find who killed her. Both the friends then start their investigation, and what they come across leaves them to spell bounded.

3. Ring (1999)

When her niece is found dead along with her three friends after watching a cursed videotape, Reporter Reiko sets on to investigate the secret behind their murder. She takes the tape and watches it and gets a call after half an hour. Someone says that she will die in one week. Determined to solve the mystery behind the case, she gets on to get to the bottom and history of the tape and go back to a murder which could have avoided all other future ones.

4. Memento Mori (1999) | Yeogo goedam II

One of the first Korean movies depicting lesbian relationship, Memento Mori is a story about two high school girls romantically involved. Yoo Shi-eun and Min Hyo-shin’s relationship is the talk of their school. But their relationship succumbs to social pressure which makes Shi-Eun distance herself from the clingy Hyo-Shin. Hyo-shin reacts poorly to the incident and commits suicide. But then her ghost prevails in the high school, taking revenge from each and everyone who did not appreciate their relationship.

5. Phone (2002) | Pon

A disturbing love story about possessions and ghosts, Phone is a story about a Journalist who is investigating a series of pedophilia incidents. She is successful in removing the mask of people involved but lands up getting threatened by various hoodlums. To get some peace back in her life, she changes her phone number. Her close friend also moves into her empty room with her husband and adopted a daughter. But one day the daughter picks up her phone and only hears a scream, a scream that leaves an effect on her which no one can explain.

6. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) | Janghwa, Hongryeon

With an equally good American remake- The Uninvited, A Tale of Two Sisters is a twisted tale of love and dementia between two sisters. Su-mi returns to her home after a stint in a mental institution, but things have changed around the house. Her father has re-married and the only thing constant is her sister, Su-Yeon. They both resent the new woman in their life. While trying to carry on with their regular lives, some strange things start to happen around the house which leads to surprising revelations and shocking conclusion.

7. Into the Mirror (2003) | Geoul sokeuro

Wu-Young is an ex-detective now works in a humungous shopping center, which has re-opened, after being previously destroyed from a fire. But before the day of re-opening, some strange murders start to happen at the time. His detective instincts take over; Wu-Young starts handling the investigation, where he realizes that a ghost use mirrors as a gateway to the living world.

8. R Point (2004) | Arpointeu

A Korean soldier’s platoon gets a distress call from a jungle. They set off to save anyone who is stuck in unnatural conditions, only to be face to face with a curse which claims everyone.

9. Three… Extremes (2004) | Saam gaang yi

First let me explain the concept of the omnibus in films. Omnibus is a compilation of short movies which revolve around the same theme, may even relate to each other. Three Extremes is one such movie which is a collection of three short films; Dumplings: An aging actress wants to make her beauty immortal. She finds a woman who makes dumplings and uses regenerative powers. However, they contain a gruesome secret ingredient. Cut: A film producer and his wife are kidnapped by an Extra, who works at their film set. Now the director has to play his vile game, otherwise, his wife’s fingers will be chopped off every minute. Box: A young woman has a recurring dream; she is buried in a box in snow. Searching for her sister, she realizes that her dream and reality might be connected. READ 50+ Interesting Found Footage Horror Thriller Movies List  

10. Acacia (2003) | Akasia

Do-il and his wife, Mi-sook want to have a child of their own but are not able to conceive for a very long time. Finally giving into the destiny, they decide to adopt a six-year-old, Jin0Seong and bring him to their home. The young orphan is quite and only paints eerie pictures. But then one fine day, Mi-Sook becomes pregnant, which sets forth a string of supernatural events.

11. Wishing Stairs (2003) | Yeogo goedam 3: Yeowoo gyedan

Jin Seong is a high school student and an aspiring ballerina who wants get into world renowned art academy. To improve her chances into getting in, she works on a high school legend. If a student walks up the dormitory staircase and counts all 28 steps, a 29th Step appears. You can ask for any wish which will be granted. But then, her friend suffers a horrible accident; Jin Seong realizes that some wishes should never come true.

12. Ouija Board (2004) | Bunshinsaba

A movie using Ouija Board, now that’s some horror movie. Moving from Seoul to a small town, Yoo-jin is being tormented at her new school. To take revenge, she joins two other outcast friends and uses Ouija Board to cast a spell on the four biggest tormentors. She releases vengeful spirits of a mother-daughter, who were killed by the townsfolk 30 years ago. Once everyone gets to know the truth by witnessing the murder of Yoo-Jin’s tormentors, the townsfolk turn against her and get into the task of sending back spirits to their world.

13. Spider Forest (2004) | Geomi sup

TV Producer Kang Min wakes up in a forest and doesn’t know how he got there, What’s more, shocking is that he discovers his girlfriend slowly dying, along with a murdered body of a stranger. By pursuing a suspect, he gets into a car accident and wakes up in the hospital. There, he explains his situation to a friend-detective Choi, but soon, Kang becomes the lead suspect.

14. Dead Friend (2004) | Ryeong

An industrious student is suffering from amnesia but tries to live a normal life as much as she can. Her memory slowly comes back, and she gets to know that some of her friends have mysteriously drowned. She begins piecing together her past, revealing dark memories of the pact that was long made, which made her go through memory loss. She starts working on the puzzle so that no one else meets an ill fate.

15. The Red Shoes (2005) | Bunhongsin

Vicky Page, a world renowned ballerina in the making is torn between her dedication towards dance and her desire to love. She is being instructed by her instructor to make dance her life and priority over anything else. But she gets romantically involved with a young Composer Julian. Under great emotional stress, she now needs to choose between her career and love.

16. Antarctic Journal (2005) | Namgeuk-ilgi

During their expedition to Antarctic, Captain Choi-Hun-Dyung comes across a frozen journal in the snow. He passes the journal to Kim-Min-Jae to read and decode. But as they keep moving forward, they realize that there is no going back. And the treacherous events mentioned in the journal keep on happening in a series, one by one taking its toll on the team.

17. Voice (2005) | Yeogo goedam 4: Moksori

Young-eon, a top singer at her elementary school is murdered by music sheets while practicing her music. As bizarre as it sounds, no one can hear her or see her except her friend Seon-min. After Young-eon convinces her that something large is at play, both the friends get on the task to discover what exactly happened to Young-eon.

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